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" A MUST for every Corporation!! The feedback from all employees are this is the best programme organised by HP Wellness Group, this soon evolved to monthly program. Not only your therapists have relieved their pain, they are grateful with the explainations and feel appreciated.

Our employees absolutely LOVED it! Highly recommended to other businesses!"

~ Hewlett Packard

"The team at Unilever sit at their desks for long periods of time, the massages leave them feeling relaxed and refreshed! Our employess were very IMPRESSED with your therapists, the massage therapists are incredibly skilled, professional and knowledgeable. Thank you so much, we had huge uptake from people from different departments, had many requests that we do it again soon and plan to make it happen soon. Thank you again!"  


"The team therapists are professional, talented and very responsive which makes them a pleasure to deal with.
We run an annual survey on our Corporate Wellness program and each time staffs are asked which wellness initiative from the previous year they would most like to see carried over to the following year.

Massages have come as number one. We're constantly receiving feedback from staff about how wonderful they feel after the massages, and how great it is to have that short break away from their desks to just relax, which leaves them ready to get back into their work afterwards."

~ CITI Bank

"We have been thrilled to offer our staff and important clients massage treats. Without exception everyone has thoroughly enjoyed the treatments and it has improved the productivity and work appreciation.

Very professional service! Their representatives managed all the logistics, we just provided a location and a time, and our massage therapist was fantastic - rave reviews from staff.  No need to look elsewhere."

~ TUNE (Air Asia)

"Thank you Wellness Art for always offering the best services. We use Wellness Art everytime/ every year we have the UK Education Fair, without fail everyone is always Incredibly Pleased with yout therapists. The therapists were EXCELLENT! 

Overheard a British exhibitor commented: The massage was SO GOOD, I feel like a Brand New Me! 
Very satisfied with the experience and highly recommend!"

~ British Council

"I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful service we received at our New product launch. I would highly recommend your company for product launch, all media friends loved it!"


"As always, the massage therapists were very professional and the employees and media friends had a great time at our new Bedrooms launch. I will definitely contact Wellness Art when we need chair massage in near future!"


"Very Professional service, the increase in production and enthusiasm generated makes the cost a small price to pay. Our employees look forward to every Thursday, their favourite day!"

~ LOGICA, part of CGI

"We use Wellness Art for almost every event to pamper our guests. The therapists instantly know all the knots or tensed muscle of their body and treat the right spots. The guests LOVE your therapists, often choose to return again and again. Thank you again!"

~ Marie France

" We have organised together with Wellness Art for a Post management meeting massage. The directors and management gave your therapists Extremely Positive feedback, we look forward to working with Wellness Art again in the future."


“We have work with Wellness Art Corporate Massage on numerous events namely Family Day, Fathers Day, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Property Launches and more. We have found Wellness Art to be professional at every level from their Administration through to their service staff.
Not only are the therapists great to work with, their massages are FANTASTIC. We were particularly IMPRESSED with the initiative shown by them and their willingness to go the extra mile while working with us during our promotions. They are very co-operative and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend Wellness Art Onsite Massage. We have used them repeatedly and will definitely continue to do so.”

~ SP Setia

“All the riders LOVED your massage. The therapists treated their specific problems, Wellness Art therapists are highly qualified, OUTSTANDING service!
The riders kept going back for more in every event, we are glad we found you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to any Sporting events! Since our first Pirelli sponsored event, we have continue our sports event massage with Wellness Art, Thank you.
~ GT Series (Sepang Circuit)

“We recently had Wellness Art at our office and there were great. The massage therapists were knowledgeable, helpful and professional. They are so different from any other massage therapists. They were extremely responsive, provided explanations with suggestions for change of habits. Highly Recommended!”
~ Lafarge 

“The event company organized two different corporate massage companies to service our staff at the Health Fair for two full days.  However, EVERYONE queued up for Wellness Art after the first 3 hour of the service and none at the other company. The feedback we have received from our staff is nothing short of Awesomeness! So thanks to the whole team for making this joint ventures a pleasant one."

“Everyone came to me after their sessions asking when are we organizing the next, some even asked us to eliminate certain staff benefit to replace with your Professional Office Massage instead. We are discussing with the management for more frequent massage, looking at monthly for next 6 months. Thank you to the team at Wellness Art for providing such a valuable service.” 

~ Nintex (Malaysia)

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